Valentine‘s Day which is celebrated on the 14th of February every year is important to many young people, as they look for relationships, become carried away by the fun-fare, fantasies and fallacies thereby making them vulnerable to reproductive health abuses.
HDI has over the years leveraged on Valentine’s Day celebrations to organize several training and events for youths. These include school debate competitions, health awareness training, sexual and reproductive health training; self-development workshop among others.

HDI organize psychosocial activities such Day Out with Adolescents, Day Out with Boys and Day Out with Girls these are tailored to the protection and creation of safe spaces for adolescents and other marginalized children suffering from domestic violence; sexual and psychological abuses and deprivations through in/out-school outreach programmes; annual leadership programme; child help line services; campaigns and intense advocacy for free, quality, equitable and inclusive education for all children including children with disabilities.