The adolescent feedback and communication project of HDI tagged Happy and Sad boxes has turned out to be highly successful. This enables the organisation listen to the pains and cries of in-school youths, while remaining anonymous. These boxes which are divided into two parts with a brightly-coloured part called happy and the dark-coloured part tagged sad.

These are placed in different schools and students are encouraged to place information (what makes them happy in the happy part and serious challenges bothering them in the dark compartment of the boxes) Information from these boxes are retrieved from time to time and used to identify current trends in youth and adolescent challenges. Key issues raised in the boxes are addressed by HDI advocates during the Assembly Talks which take place once or twice a week or during Counseling Days depending on the school. Victims of serious reproductive health and rights abuse and other challenges are encouraged to visit HDI for psycho-social counseling and other necessary intervention as the case may be.

HD’s happy and sad boxes are currently in more than 30 schools scattered all over Lagos Metropolis