Human Development Initiatives Child Protection Policy

Human Development Initiatives (HDI) became fully registered as an NGO in 1998. Her vision is to strengthen vulnerable humans in the society especially women and children. HDI is dedicated to ensuring all children are safe and protected. This Code is binding on all employees, interns, volunteers, and visitors of HDI who must ensure to:

  1. Respect and uphold the rights and personal safety of all children;
  2. Dress appropriately to show leadership by example in courteous dressing;
  3. Treat all children with kindness and without any form of discrimination;
  4. Abide by the principle of confidentiality in the handling of children’s information and refrain from disclosing these to any third party without HDI’s official approval;
  5. Avoid all forms of assault to children, be it physical, verbal or emotional;
  6. Avoid any form of unauthorized leading away of a child from the office premises, the presence of other children, or HDI staff;
  7. Avoid all forms of sexually explicit discussions (such as counseling, jokes or stories) in the presence of a child;
  8. Challenge all forms of harmful practices which may hamper children’s normal development and growth process including all forms of abuses, such as domestic, sexual, physical, emotional, among others;
  9. Avoid misleading a child in any way or through any means;
  10. Show concern for the welfare of all children and ensure that necessary steps are taken to assist children who may be in dire need or in any form of danger.

Ways to Teach Your Child the Skills to Prevent Sexual Abuse

  1. Talk about body parts early.
  2. Teach them that some body parts are private.
  3. Teach your child body boundaries.
  4. Tell your child that body secrets are not okay.
  5. Tell your child that no one should take pictures of their private parts.
  6. Teach your child how to get out of scary or uncomfortable situations.
  7. Have a code word your children can use when they feel unsafe or want to be picked up.
  8. Tell your children they will never be in trouble if they tell you a body secret.
  9. Tell your child that a body touch might tickle or feel good.
  10. Tell your child that these rules apply even with people they know and even with another child.
  11.  Tell your children not to follow anyone to a lonely place
  12. Tell them to report any form of unpleasant touching on your body
  13. Report anyone who says you should keep secrets from your parents SPEAK OUT!!!

What Every Child should know about Reproductive Health

  1. Sex is not proof for love
  2. Abstinence is the best way of preventing unwanted pregnancy and STD/HIV
  3. Your body belong to you and only you have the final say on your body. Protect your body!!!
  4. Smoking, sex and the use of alcohol/substance are not ideal ways to prove you are mature

Avoiding Child Trafficking

  1. Report anyone who wants to take you away from your parents
  2. Avoid and do not believe any uncle or aunty who says he/she will take you abroad for a better life.
  3. Every offer of free money might be deceitful beware!
  4. Human trafficking is illegal and wicked do not be a victim you are priceless.

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