Our Initiatives for Widows and Elderly

EMPOWER: Over 2,000 poor widows have been empowered with vocational skills, equipment and supported through mentoring programmes for business growth and family care.

PROVIDE RELIEF: over 5,000 of widows/elderly have so far benefitted from HDI’s palliatives which include food, clothing, and household materials & 800 children of the widows are currently benefitting from a special education scholarship.

DEFEND THEIR RIGHTS: We provide free legal and psychosocial couselling to widows. So far, 10 widows have been supported to obtain letters of administration for free. This letter grants them full access to their late husbands’ estate, especially in the absence of a will.

PROVIDE HEALTH INTERVENTION: Over 10,000 widows and elderly have so far benefited from free access to medical diagnosis and treatment in the past 25 years. Also, 26 elderly have been enrolled into a 1 year health insurance scheme. 


Account Name: Human Development Initiatives

Account No: 2072845815 or 1020125924

Bank: UBA