The Human Development Initiatives – Tertiary Education Trust Funds (HDI-TETF) is a subsidiary foundation of Human Development Initiatives. It was launched in May 2017 to provide support to the education of children of widows/widowers, orphans and persons living with disabilities at the tertiary level.

Since 2017, HDI has supported a total number of 29 students across several Government Institutions in Nigeria. Out of the 29 persons, 5 persons have graduated, while others are still in school.

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Account Name: HDI-ETF

Account No: 2072845815 OR 1020125924

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Reducing the number of out-of-school children and promoting quality, equitable, inclusive and lifelong learning in Nigeria is a collective responsibility. HDI School Outreach program provides the following to support indigent pupils to help them achieve their dreams:

School Feeding: over 100 children in Iwaya community are now safely back in school because they are sure of having at least a meal a day in school.

Capacity Development: Over 10,000 in-school students benefit from HDI’s leadership training and mentorship, free psycho-social, couselling, learning, sporting and hygiene materials.

Leadership Training for Teenagers: Beneficiaries of the HDI-ETF Scheme who are graduating from Senior Secondary School are automatic participants of this one week training for teenagers. The teenagers goes through psychosocial learning and vocational training during the training. Every participants receive Leadership Certificate after completing the training. Any adolescent can participate in the training. You can register using the link below.

Child’s Rights Protection

Are you a Child?

Are you in distress?

Do you need help?

Do you need someone to talk to?

Call or Text HDI Helpline 08080551376 & 08090927555

We can do more with your donation:

Account Name: Human Development Initiatives

Account Number: 2072845815 or 1020125924

Bank: UBA

EMPOWER: Over 2,000 poor widows have been empowered with vocational skills, equipment and supported through mentoring programmes for business growth and family care.

PROVIDE RELIEF: over 5,000 of widows/elderly have so far benefited from HDI’s palliatives which include food, clothing, and household materials & 800 children of the widows are currently benefiting from a special education scholarship.

DEFEND THEIR RIGHTS: We provide free legal and psycho-social counseling to widows. So far, 10 widows have been supported to obtain letters of administration for free. This letter grants them full access to their late husbands’ estate, especially in the absence of a will.

PROVIDE HEALTH INTERVENTION: Over 10,000 widows and elderly have so far benefited from free access to medical diagnosis and treatment in the past 25 years. Also, 26 elderly have been enrolled into a 1 year health insurance scheme.


Account Name: Human Development Initiatives

Account No: 2072845815 or 1020125924

Bank: UBA

Despite the drop in Child Mortality in Nigeria between 1999 and 2020, there are still 114 deaths per every 1000 birth in the country; and the risk of dying in sub-saharan Africa as a child is about ten times higher than in the Western Europe region (UNIGMR, 2021)

There are hundreds of innocent children and families in need of health care services but unable to access them, with many stranded in hospitals and unable to pay their token bills.

HDI Hospital Outreach and Medical support helps to identify and settle the medical bills of indigent children in public hospitals/clinics who remain stranded because of their inability to offset their bills.


Account Name: Human Development Initiatives

Account No: 2072845815 or 1020125924