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Welcome to HDI Education Trust Fund

The Human Development Initiatives-Education Trust Fund (HDI-ETF) Foundation is an extension project of Human Development Initiatives which started in the year 2014. It focuses on supporting the education of children of widows, widowers, orphans and children with disabilities who are highly prone to dropping out of school as a result of the demise of one or both parents and the consequent inability of the surviving parent or guardian to meet the children’s educational needs.

The HDI-ETF foundation supports the government’s efforts in ensuring the education of selected beneficiaries from nursery through secondary school, based on good behavior and consistent outstanding academic performance. The scheme provides her beneficiaries with School uniforms; pairs of government socks; Ties; Berets; school sandals; School bags; Exercises books; Mathematical sets; Core subject text books not provided by the Government while also paying all government-approved associated costs or fees.


A society of empowered humans, devoid of social and economic vulnerabilities.

Our Mission

To strengthen vulnerable HUMANS in society and build total human capacity through social DEVELOPMENT programmes that advance education for all and INITIATIVES that promote equality, justice, opportunities, transparency, accountability and civic participation in governance.

What We Do

HDI Education Trust Fund

Recent Causes

Hope and work are key drivers to progress and lasting change.


Together we make all the difference


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